Two things I'll never chase in life is TRUE LOVE and TRUE FRIENDS. (Episode 1)

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Few years ago while I was still working with an Automobile coy I met a tall cute and lively guy Oluwasemilore by name. Due to his liveliness we got along so easily and fast. Oluwasemilore was liked by most of my colleagues at the office.
We do lunch together most weekend at an eatry close to my home and few months gone we became best of friends, we even gave each other pet names.. at some point we became the talk of our colleague's, aunt, siblings and others who  felt we were into some sort of serious romance.     
Six months passed by Semilore and I were doing just fine not until one faithful weekend we were suppose to do lunch at the usual eatry but Semilore wasn't really okay health wise so we agreed I prepare lunch at my place den take it over to his place so we eat together. After the lunch at his place we gisted about the week activities and in the course of doing that i noticed Semilore had this worry look on his face so I asked what the problem was and he said bestie I'm be continued...