Two things I'll never have to chase: TRUE LOVE and TRUE FRIENDS (episode 4)

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Friday evening came and Semilore was at my office to pick me up, On our way home we stopped by the mall to get things we needed for the celebration.. Picked up a couple of drinks,fast food and some protection..*winks*(eh.. It was suppose to be a night of fun and lot of make up sex).. On getting home I was already exhausted cos I had a busy and stressful day at work so in the mood of celebration Semilore decided to fix us dinner(at least i had time to rest small). After eating we gisted like 2 besties who finally met after years of separation, we cuddled, kissed and went straight to the grand finale for the night..(you know na)  as he feed on my errrmm like an hungry lion.. (just imagine the rest in ur head abeg*winks*). I passed out on his chest after a wonderful makeup sex... At about past 2a.m semilore's phone rang but he didn't picked up at first then the call came in the second time..

(with a sleepy voice i whispered)

Me:Semilore pick up your call or switch off the phone cos d sound is disturbing my sleep.

The next Morning which was a Saturday, I asked who the caller was and he Replied

Semilore: its one of all this scammers claiming  they are overseas and have something for me...don't mind them joor, he exclaimed.

I didn't press further after that but i knew he was hiding something and I'll make my findings myself.

At noon Semilore's friends stopped by the house... he had invited few of them over and to my surprise he also invited my friend debby(remember her?? Birthday girl from episode 3) and she even brought along her sister(see me see something). I felt bad cos Semilore never said a word about inviting them over.. 'How did he get  her contact sef??' *thinking* well sha.. I just had to cheer up so I won't ruin the day for him.

 I waited patiently till everyone had gone then I asked

Me: Semilore, why didn't you inform me about my friend?

And then he replied

Semilore: Don't be angry bae, it escaped my mind and besides I wanted to surprise you cos you once told me yourself and debby haven't seen in a while.

I wasn't convinced tho but I still didn't wanna push further. At around 8p.m that Saturday evening Semilore said we should go out to a bar to chill.. I refused, wasn't in a good mood for all that then he left alone, his friends were already waiting for him. After he left i noticed he forgot his phone at home where he was charging it.

I waited for some minutes to be sure he's really gone (as a sharp girl na) I picked up his phone and went tru his calls( needed to kill my curiosity) and was shocked!!!
when I saw the number of times Semilore and Funmi  (debby's sister) had been calling each other. I went further to his text messages and saw all the romantic text messages she sent to him.. I was lost for words when I saw  debby's text message pleading with Semilore to forgive her sister Funmi and give her a second chance(it was a real shocker). I was so angry... Boiling in anger I grabbed my phone to call Semilore on his other phone but something said to me "calm down..wait till he gets back home" so I dropped my phone and continued with my findings..on his BBM, what I saw was really crazy. I went through every girls chat with him but Funmi nd debby's own attracted me the most.

Opening the chat I saw funmi's nude pictures which she had sent while they were chatting even though Semilore asked for them. Also I saw all the times they were out together and those times happened to be when Semilore said he was very busy at the office. On my Debby's chat with Semilore I saw she was their middleman(miss matchmaker) she agreed to allow Semilore date Funmi and even went ahead to tell Semilore in the chat that she wished she could have Semilore to herself  but because she's my friend he refused it so she made sure Funmi agreed to date Semilore.
After an hour Semilore drove in...I rushed to drop the phone and purposely left his chat with Funmi opened for him to see and know I'm aware of everything he has been doing behind my back. When he came into the house.. He ran to go get his phone, immediately he unlocked the phone he noticed his chat with Funmi was anger he screamed  'Racheal so you went through my phone'...*Ghen ghen*

to be continued on the final episode...

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  1. Eyah! BT the guy fuck up na slap e for tk ask Rachel as bra for the Mata.