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five real facts about the latest #BBN winner EFE

1. Michael Efe Ejeba was born on February, 25, 1993. He hails from Delta State, Nigeria.
2. He attended Federal Government College, Jos and is a graduate of Economics from the University of Jos.
3. Efe is a recording and performing artiste who prefers to rap in pidgin.
4. The rapper left Jos for Lagos to pursue his music career and make a living for himself. He released an EP album called “Lagos EP”, last year.
5. “Based on Logistics” is Efe’s signature slogan.

TakeAdvantage of This Once in a Life Time Opportunity!!!

Are you a young professional starting out? Do you have a small or medium scale business that can do better through injection of fresh fund? Are you a student in any tertiary school? Are you a local, state or federal government worker? Are you a market woman? Then there is good news for you.

Do you have any money problem right now? Or you need fund for some urgent project? Or you need money to meet up with some unforeseen emergency? Then you are in luck. If you fall into any of the group below then get your ATM ready for cash withdrawal. Hey I kid you not.

i.                     You have daily expenses you must meet, you are paying back a debt, you want to furnish your apartment, buy a car for yourself or your love ones, take care of school fees for your kids, settle your house rent, pay hospital bills for a love one or a friend etc

ii.                   You want to start a new business or push more fund into an existing one

iii.                  Start or complete a major life project such as get a second degree, get marry and settle down, build or renovate a house etc

There are basically five ways you can earn money, and eventually become rich

a.       Work for a living- a 9-5 job probably in a good company with excellent remuneration package. You work for a number of years, and all the fat salary and bonuses poll together will huge.

b.      You can come into an inheritance, and thus own a prime real estate.

c.       You can own a profitable business, and grow it for your children to continue where you stop

d.      You can invest in a business and watch the stock soar. You can invest in many profitable businesses as you want, and watch other people grow your money for you.

e.      You can earn royalty from your intellectual property such as book, movies, software, music & art work

There is a new addition to the above listed means of growing money. This age of social internet has made it possible for total strangers to connect with you on a platform, and give you money. Peer 2 peer donations gives you unlimited possibilities to grow rich literally overnight, without doing any extra work or putting in any effort.

Introducing Pay House Centre (PHC), a platform that not only connect you to people who will donate money to you, but also a direct link to individuals, companies and organizations that want to change your life for good. Imagine having your money need, no matter what it is completely taken care of by people whose sole desire in this life is to render help.

PHC also make it possible for you as a registered member to access grant/loan at very cheap interest without collateral but your ID card. You can get loan from N50,000 to as much as N2,000,000 anytime you so desire. All loan applications are granted in 24-48 hours. PHC will transfer the money straight into your account.

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Hot!!! How to Grow Your Wealth through Great Opportunities

You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that the standard of living for the average Nigerian is falling day by day. Our lives seem to be better off this time last year than it is now, and i kid you not when I say by this time next year we would be saying this time was better than same time next year.  It is important that you keep making more money; this will protect you against so many unforeseen circumstances. The government may decide to increase the pump price for fuel tomorrow, and as you well know this usually have a ricochet effect on the whole economy.

You can’t fold your hands and wait for the government, your employer, your pastor, your rich uncle, your well to do friend to make you financially free. Financial freedom start with you recognizing the fact that you are not financially free, asking yourself what need to be done to make yourself free, and taking the necessary steps to bring it to pass.

You need financial literacy, and that means you need to be able to recognize opportunity when you see it. Your wealth is not really tied to your bank account but to your mindset. When it comes to building generational wealth you are either analyzing various opportunities that come your way and taking advantage of them, or you have scarcity mindset that will not allow you invest your money to better your lot in life.

Every investment or profitable business involve some element of risk, if you are too averse to taking risk you may not be able to grow wealthy. But in risk taking you need to establish some steps namely:

1.       Educate yourself properly on the opportunity before you

2.       Know your risk averseness- How much can you possibly lose without losing your mind or having a heart attack?

3.       Put a foot in the water-If you can’t risk much, then risk a little you can bear, and then grow it from there.

But you need to tell yourself the truth about your situation, all you have been doing wrong that is not helping your cause, what you are doing that is not working, and what you actually need to do. When a new opportunity comes to town people who gain most, and enjoy first mover advantage are those who took advantage of the situation and made a killing. Imagine if you were among the first people to invest in Facebook before their IPO, or bought Bitcoin when it was as cheap as dust, today depending on what you put in you would probably be a millionaire by now.

Now you have an opportunity to get back all you’ve lost, grow your business and add to your net worth. There is a platform in town that has been in existent for the past 7 years and has produce hundreds of millionaires all across Africa. Imagine a platform that connect you with some of the world richest people and companies who just want to give you money.

You now have a prospect of becoming a millionaire too, and you do this without selling, without advertising and without delay. All you need to do is to click on the link below and register.
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7 Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship: Is Your Relationship Healthy?

When I was 20 years old, I was a very unhappy young lady. I went into psychoanalysis — on the couch four days a week for four and a half years, until my analyst said, “You’re analyzed,” which I took to mean that I was ready to create a healthy relationship.

In reality, I had no idea of what a healthy relationship was. All I really knew about was the relationship my parents had, which was anything but what I now call healthy. Armed with their role modeling and the years of my analysis, I got married to a man who had no better idea than I did of what constituted a healthy, loving relationship. After many years of learning and healing, and working with thousands of couples over the last 44 years, I now understand what a healthy relationship is and how to create it.

7 Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship

Emotional Responsibility

This is the most important ingredient for creating a healthy relationship. When people do not take responsibility for their own feelings, they tend to try making their partner responsible for their own happiness, emotional safety and self-worth. As adults, happiness, emotional safety and self-worth come from how we treat ourselves and others, rather than from how others treat us. Therefore, if we are abandoning ourselves rather than loving and valuing ourselves, we will feel unhappy and emotionally unsafe, and have low self-worth. If we then blame our partner for our feelings, we participate in creating an unhealthy relationship.

The main thing that causes relationship problems is emotional self-abandonment, which generally occurs in four ways: ignoring your feelings by staying in your head rather than being present in your body, judging yourself, turning to various addictions to avoid your feelings, and making others responsible for your feelings.

Learning emotional responsibility is vital for creating a healthy relationship.

Kindness, Acceptance, Compassion and Empathy

Relationships thrive when both partners are kind, accepting, compassionate and empathetic. This occurs naturally once you have learned to be kind, accepting and compassionate toward yourself, but it becomes a huge challenge when you are abandoning yourself. Again, the ability to be kind with others is directly related to learning to be kind with oneself.

Warmth, Affection, Connection, Laughter and Fun

When people take loving care of themselves and take responsibility for making themselves happy, they generally want to share their happiness with loved ones. When you learn to stay connected with yourself, you likely want to share your connection with loved ones. Warmth, affection, connection, laughter and fun flow easily when both partners have learned how to take responsibility for their own happiness.

Enjoy Time Together and Time Apart

In healthy relationships, partners thoroughly enjoy being together, but their well-being is not dependent on being with each other. Emotional dependency is the opposite of emotional responsibility. While some people enjoy being together all the time, some partners also enjoy being with their own friends or pursuing separate interests, and in a healthy relationship, they are supported in doing this by their partner.

Learning Through Conflict

Healthy relationships have a system for learning from their conflicts and resolving their conflicts in ways that work for each partner. Healthy partners are able to listen attentively to each other’s points of view and do not get stuck in having to be right or having to win. A healthy relationship is an evolving relationship — i.e., each partner is learning and growing through the relationship, and often through the conflicts. Conflict can provide fertile ground for learning when each partner’s intent is to learn, rather than to control or avoid being controlled.

The basis of a healthy relationship is when each partner maintains an open intent to learn about loving themselves and each other, rather than being intent on protecting/avoiding/controlling. It is the intent to learn about love that leads to being able to take personal responsibility for your own feelings.

Trust That You Support Each Other’s Highest Good — Joy for Each Other’s Joy

In healthy relationships, partners trust each other to not deliberately hurt each other. They support each other in what brings each person joy, and they feel joy in witnessing each other’s joy. Healthy partners, instead of being threatened by each other’s success or joy, are delighted by it.

Spark — Physical, Emotional and Intellectual

There is a spark that exists in healthy relationships that is not easy to define, but most people know what I mean by this. You enjoy being physically next to each other. You enjoy talking with your partner, playing with your partner, and sharing your feelings with your partner. You enjoy making love with each other. A spark is not a superficial thing — it is not based on looks or status. Rather, it’s about the deeper loving energy that exists between two people.

Often, people feel a spark at the beginning of their relationship, but self-abandonment and the intent to control generally squash it. Spark is maintained by all the above ingredients, and can be maintained throughout the relationship. When you see older, long-married couples still gazing at each other with love, you are seeing the spark — the deeper energy of love — that exists between them. These people love each other on the soul level; time and aging take nothing away from the spark when people love each other on this deep, essence level. Due to this deeper love — this spark — these people are able to maintain their experience of being connected with each other throughout the trials and tribulations of relationship challenges.

By doing your own inner work to become an emotionally responsible, kind and loving person with yourself and each other, you can create a healthy, loving relationship!

Author: Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

5 subtle signs that your relationship could be slipping into ruin

Watch your steps now, you might be treading on dangerous ground!

Hardly would you find anyone who sets out tointentionally cheat on someone they truly love.

But somehow, people fall into mistakes which trap them badly and eventually wreck the good thing they have going with their significant other.

wow Tonto Dike finally apologise to Mercy Johnson for insulting her baby some time ago.

@Regrann from @tontolet  -  Good morning world Since I have your undivided attention I better make good use of it and not miss the blessing in this lesson!!!
@mercyjohnsonokojie Ever since I had my baby I have been reminded constantly about an ill statement I made about one of your kids a very long time ago.I want to use this media to say I am so sorry,I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart.I had no right to say what I did,I totally disgraced myself with that.
As a mom I do realize a lot of things I take in because of the love of my son and I know you only took my insult because of that same love..
I am sorry MJ,I am sorry to your lil' girl or boy..
We don't have to love each other to realize when we are/went wrong••
I have/had no excuse for my behaviour and I also apologize to the fans I hurt/Let down with my words that day many years ago ..To Err is human but to forgive is divine!!!
Am not trying to be the better person,You deserve this apology for your Child for the Love I have for God..I found God and everything in my life changed,Let me tell you about him sometime..
God bless you and yours!!! Happy new year...
Take your time with the process of forgiving my ill mannered words to your infant but pls eventually do!!
#2017 Amending All my Wrongs
#2017 my year of positivity #long over due apology #MAMAKING

Two Things I'll Never Chase In Life: TRUE LOVE and TRUE FRIEND (final episode)

Silence filled the atmosphere. I have never seen Semilore in so much anger..especially towards me.. *I was scared down to my pants* I didn't answer him at first then he repeated the question again in a more intense tone..(at this point things were getting out of hand) then i whispered .. why did you do it? *as i shivered* ..... Semilore Of all the girls around why did you choose Debby's sister ? (He then looked down in regret) ..He had no excuse to give rather *as naija guy he sharply push the blame* he then said.. When your hand won't rest.. What took you to my phone eh.. hope you're satisfied now...*he walks into the room* I sat at a position, emotionally wrecked...tears filled my eyes.. Was totally confused on what next to do..

I couldn't leave his place...
It was already too late at night.. then i thought it right to call the mastermind of the whole problem debby..
   I hurried picked up my phone in tears..ready to rip her apart through the phone...i dial her number..she didn't pick up at first.. "Could it be she's already aware of everything or she's asleep".. *i thought to myself* then i redialled her number..immediately she picked up..

Debby: Babe what's up.. This  one ya calling me this late.. You wan spoil my sweet romance with Daniel eh(one of her numerous boy friends).

See this babe oo..*words in my head*

Me: Debby How could you?! How?! How could you do this to me?!

She replied,

Debby: Rachael honey whats wrong na?? (acting like she did nothing)

Me: oh stop pretending you cheap ass bitch.. prostitute.. (as i boiled in anger)...How could bring your sister into my relationship with Semilore..?? You couldn't find any other person to sell her to so you decided to ruin my love life using funmi.. (tears rolling down my eyes)

Suddenly Debby starts to laugh aloud (the way witches sound in Nollywood movies) i could hear it like sge was in front of me..And then said..

Debby: Hold it there.. You fool.. You thought you are the only one who deserves the best, think you are smarter and clever.. All through out our always had the best of everything... From clothes to job opportunities and you think i would allow have a better love life as well..(she exclaimed) Never!!!

At this moment i felt like dying..

Me: Debby I took you as a sister.. Why would you do this to me?!? *my emotions were chopped to pieces* .

Debby: Look at u.. I don use juju on Semilore.. He is fully under my control dear..He is suppose to throw you out of his life in public.. So you can be humiliated properly. Idiot!!(she continues to rain insults on me).

At this point.. I felt weak!! I didn't know when my phone dropped from my ears and scattered..

I turned around and there was Semilore staring at me..
(i was drowning in my own tears already)..  *In a low tone* i  took debby like my very own sister and we did everything and kept no secrets from her.. yet she could do this to me..At that point he realized his wrongs and starts to beg... He Also tries to explain how it all started at debby's birthday party..when she came to d room the next morning, i left to have my bath..  debby asked for his number and tried to seduce him...he was in so much shock he couldn't open up to me. I understood he was under debby's juju and there was no reason not to forgive him..but as for our relationship it was over... I didn't want to put my life at risk or his since debby involved juju..i don't know the length she would go just to see me sad...

It was really one hell of a night.. Two heart breaks in one night.. I was sleepless till day break.. Then i picked up my things, bid Semilore farewell and headed home..

I Never Saw life the same way anymore!!

No true friendship.. Wasn't ready to find true love as well ........