Two things I'll never have to chase in life: TRUE LOVE and TRUE FRIENDS (episode 2)

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At that point when Semilore said he was ruined,  I got confused..i really didn't know what to say to him to make things better but after long silence i said to him do not worry, I believe there's always a solution to whatever issue we are facing now(looking straight into his eyes) so I changed the discussion to something more lively just to brighten his mood and get him off his worries(even though i didn't know what was wrong still).

We talked about almost everything..even did some gossiping(eh na.. I don't have a female bestie i can do that with).. We ate the food i prepared together and watched movies on his laptop.. It was fun as always with Semilore..
It was getting dark so I picked up my bag to leave..while he went to drop off the plates we used to i screamed aburo mo tin lo o.. Semilore walked up to me smiling, held my hands and starred straight into my eyes.. I started feeling uncomfortable around him..(you know that feeling na.. Dis yeye boi is up to something fishy)  So I said Semilore I'm beginning to get really worried cos I haven't seen you act the way you are right now(my heart don dey beat) and he said Racheal ( Yes that's my name ) I love you and i want us to be more than just best of friends *Still starring into my eyes* my world doesn't seem complete anymore without you in it everyday(I felt butterflies in my tummy immediately). I was over joyed on hearing this..He was everything I wanted from in man.*gosh i waited so long for this moment* a voice whispered in my head.. I screamed YES in acceptance to his proposal without any further delay.

Everything was going well and fast too ..4months passed by  no secrets no lies we had access to each other's phone nd all... in fact most of our friends were jealous of love(we can do PDA for africa) not until the 12th of October  that same year which happened to be my close friend's birthday, she invited Semilore and i for her birthday dinner.... And then It all started..... to be continued...


  1. kudos to you My Lady, You are so much making sense oo fire on maa..

  2. Ready to read the next episode....