5 subtle signs that your relationship could be slipping into ruin

07:27 Isaiah Sokunbi 0 Comments

Watch your steps now, you might be treading on dangerous ground!

Hardly would you find anyone who sets out tointentionally cheat on someone they truly love.

But somehow, people fall into mistakes which trap them badly and eventually wreck the good thing they have going with their significant other.

Cheating sometimes starts innocently enough - you know, being cordial and friendly with someone until, somewhere along the line, emotions begin to silently creep up between you and that person and things eventually become terribly complicated.

Below we list five warning signs that you might be slipping from innocent friendship into something that could have a bad impact on your existing relationship.

1. Too much information

Shared secrets and very personal information quickly creates emotions between people. So if you ever catch yourself sharing or willing to share with someone else, information that only you and your partner know about, then you really need to watch yourself.

And if something happens to you and you feel the need to talk to that person before talking to your spouse or partner about it, you need to retrace your steps.

You could be creating an unwanted, unnecessary bond with that person.

2. You're fantasizing

If you’re beginning catch yourself daydreaming about that 'friend', or maybe wondering what a relationship with them would feel like, you need to retrace your steps.

3. You look forward to seeing someone else

If you are starting to eagerly countdown to meeting a friend, church member, colleague or another person of the opposite sex who isn't your partner, that is something to be watchful of.

Nip that feeling in the bud before it matures into something ugly.

4. Spending more time with someone other than your partner

A drink with a colleague after work once or twice a week might look innocent, but at some point it could become rampant, and a bond could be created from there without you even knowing till it's too late.

Life is what happens when you are not watching, right?

5. You don't feel comfortable talking about that person to your partner

Why? Because you know it won't sound good him or her. And of course, anything that's kept secret from your partner can't be good for your relationship, right?

In conclusion, if after reading these things, you are wondering if you're on the brink of crossing the line with someone else, then you probably are.

And what's next is to invest more time into talking to your partner about the need to rediscover the spark missing from that relationship; because, by letting someone else get to you, you're affording that person the opportunity to take the spot meant for youractual significant other.