Hot!!! How to Grow Your Wealth through Great Opportunities

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You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that the standard of living for the average Nigerian is falling day by day. Our lives seem to be better off this time last year than it is now, and i kid you not when I say by this time next year we would be saying this time was better than same time next year.  It is important that you keep making more money; this will protect you against so many unforeseen circumstances. The government may decide to increase the pump price for fuel tomorrow, and as you well know this usually have a ricochet effect on the whole economy.

You can’t fold your hands and wait for the government, your employer, your pastor, your rich uncle, your well to do friend to make you financially free. Financial freedom start with you recognizing the fact that you are not financially free, asking yourself what need to be done to make yourself free, and taking the necessary steps to bring it to pass.

You need financial literacy, and that means you need to be able to recognize opportunity when you see it. Your wealth is not really tied to your bank account but to your mindset. When it comes to building generational wealth you are either analyzing various opportunities that come your way and taking advantage of them, or you have scarcity mindset that will not allow you invest your money to better your lot in life.

Every investment or profitable business involve some element of risk, if you are too averse to taking risk you may not be able to grow wealthy. But in risk taking you need to establish some steps namely:

1.       Educate yourself properly on the opportunity before you

2.       Know your risk averseness- How much can you possibly lose without losing your mind or having a heart attack?

3.       Put a foot in the water-If you can’t risk much, then risk a little you can bear, and then grow it from there.

But you need to tell yourself the truth about your situation, all you have been doing wrong that is not helping your cause, what you are doing that is not working, and what you actually need to do. When a new opportunity comes to town people who gain most, and enjoy first mover advantage are those who took advantage of the situation and made a killing. Imagine if you were among the first people to invest in Facebook before their IPO, or bought Bitcoin when it was as cheap as dust, today depending on what you put in you would probably be a millionaire by now.

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