Two things I'll never have to chase: TRUE LOVE and TRUE FRIENDS (episode 3 )

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We drove to the venue of Debby's birthday party. On arrival she rushed in excitement towards us there I introduced Semilore to the celebrant and few of my other friends. The night was full of fun..from the naughty games we played and the irresistible songs banging out of the speakers as we danced the night away.. Mehn it was Fun.
 At around 12:30am Semilore whispered into my ears "babe i think we've had enough for the night.. Lets go to bed"... so we went to the room my friend booked for us to rest that night... Cuddled up in bed, I kept having dreams of how lovely our marriage ceremony would be the pastor about to say "you may kiss the bride" I heard a bang on my door.. Opening my eyes in anger to interruption of my lovely dream.. I noticed its about 10a.m the next morning... Choi we had too much drink last night..the bang continued and i heard Debby's voice.." Rachel its debby open up" I rushed out of the bed grabbed my clothes tapped Semilore..its morning wake up i said to Him.. As i walked to open the door. she walks in looking around *smiling* she whispered into my ears.."you both must have had a great time together all night* I chuckled and replied "debby you be yeye pikin". She greeted Semilore and thanked him for attending her birthday party leaving her alone with Semilore ..I walked into the bathroom to clean up. Moments after I came out to realize debby had left d room.. "That yeye pikin don go"..I asked Semilore.. Yes he replied as he also left to have his bath..

On our way to his place I noticed he was moody but I decided not to say a word on it till we got to his place there I asked him what he would like to have for lunch so I can start preparing cos it's almost noon so he replied noodles would be fine so I prepared it and for the first time Semilore complained about my cooking .. which I made the way he always liked it..I kept calm cos I knew it's very unusual of him and I apologized saying "it wouldn't happen again". After an hour I picked up my bag nd left for my place cos I needed to prepare for church been the next day..

Ever since then Semilore changed towards me.. he hardly calls nor text and of course he stopped me from having access to his phones..  we hardly do lunch at his place and whenever I try talking to him about it he's always giving me the busy tone.. "Rachel Am very busy working at the office bla bla bla" he even apologized for not giving me his attention as he used to and he promised to change. He did change after a while... Two weeks passed by, Semilore called me to inform me he has been promoted at work and said we should celebrate it over the weekend at his place.. I was so excited about the promotion and more that we were going to be together once again this weekend but I never knew that was the beginning to our end...

to be continued...