Two Things I'll Never Chase In Life: TRUE LOVE and TRUE FRIEND (final episode)

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Silence filled the atmosphere. I have never seen Semilore in so much anger..especially towards me.. *I was scared down to my pants* I didn't answer him at first then he repeated the question again in a more intense tone..(at this point things were getting out of hand) then i whispered .. why did you do it? *as i shivered* ..... Semilore Of all the girls around why did you choose Debby's sister ? (He then looked down in regret) ..He had no excuse to give rather *as naija guy he sharply push the blame* he then said.. When your hand won't rest.. What took you to my phone eh.. hope you're satisfied now...*he walks into the room* I sat at a position, emotionally wrecked...tears filled my eyes.. Was totally confused on what next to do..

I couldn't leave his place...
It was already too late at night.. then i thought it right to call the mastermind of the whole problem debby..
   I hurried picked up my phone in tears..ready to rip her apart through the phone...i dial her number..she didn't pick up at first.. "Could it be she's already aware of everything or she's asleep".. *i thought to myself* then i redialled her number..immediately she picked up..

Debby: Babe what's up.. This  one ya calling me this late.. You wan spoil my sweet romance with Daniel eh(one of her numerous boy friends).

See this babe oo..*words in my head*

Me: Debby How could you?! How?! How could you do this to me?!

She replied,

Debby: Rachael honey whats wrong na?? (acting like she did nothing)

Me: oh stop pretending you cheap ass bitch.. prostitute.. (as i boiled in anger)...How could bring your sister into my relationship with Semilore..?? You couldn't find any other person to sell her to so you decided to ruin my love life using funmi.. (tears rolling down my eyes)

Suddenly Debby starts to laugh aloud (the way witches sound in Nollywood movies) i could hear it like sge was in front of me..And then said..

Debby: Hold it there.. You fool.. You thought you are the only one who deserves the best, think you are smarter and clever.. All through out our always had the best of everything... From clothes to job opportunities and you think i would allow have a better love life as well..(she exclaimed) Never!!!

At this moment i felt like dying..

Me: Debby I took you as a sister.. Why would you do this to me?!? *my emotions were chopped to pieces* .

Debby: Look at u.. I don use juju on Semilore.. He is fully under my control dear..He is suppose to throw you out of his life in public.. So you can be humiliated properly. Idiot!!(she continues to rain insults on me).

At this point.. I felt weak!! I didn't know when my phone dropped from my ears and scattered..

I turned around and there was Semilore staring at me..
(i was drowning in my own tears already)..  *In a low tone* i  took debby like my very own sister and we did everything and kept no secrets from her.. yet she could do this to me..At that point he realized his wrongs and starts to beg... He Also tries to explain how it all started at debby's birthday party..when she came to d room the next morning, i left to have my bath..  debby asked for his number and tried to seduce him...he was in so much shock he couldn't open up to me. I understood he was under debby's juju and there was no reason not to forgive him..but as for our relationship it was over... I didn't want to put my life at risk or his since debby involved juju..i don't know the length she would go just to see me sad...

It was really one hell of a night.. Two heart breaks in one night.. I was sleepless till day break.. Then i picked up my things, bid Semilore farewell and headed home..

I Never Saw life the same way anymore!!

No true friendship.. Wasn't ready to find true love as well ........